Stylish jewellery engraved with initials and messages.

What's more beautiful than jewellery with a very personal message? Accessories, which can be personalised with individual engravings or which hold lovely messages are never out of style. They are beautifully timeless and always a perfect gift or piece of memory.

Whether precious medallions, engravable pendants or jewellery pieces, which keeps messages in them, our Engelsrufer collection offers uncountable possibilities to give personalised jewellery.


For super mothers

Our delicate "my girl, my boy" pendants are the perfect opportunities for mother, to carry their children as near to their heart as possible. The subtle silver pieces can be engraved with the children's names and worn either individually or in combination with other pendants and necklaces. Whether for Mother's day or just as a little gift, the enchanting pendants let all mothers shine.



Presents, that come from the heart

For the ones, who not only want to surprise their loved one, sister, mother or best friend with a beautiful accessory but also with a present, that has it's very special, personal touch. The Engelsrufer Heart's Desires pendant, which can be opened and filled with a handwritten message, is perfect for that. It is our most personal present and lights the face of the person you are giving it to with a smile.

Also, timeless medallions are a wonderful gift idea and enchanting piece of memory for special people. Our classics in silver are individually engravable with names, initials, dates of birth or other lovely messages. Furthermore, the medallions can store personal pictures in them.



From you, for you

Do you want to treat yourself good by personalising your own jewellery? Especially because individualised jewellery is as trendy as never before, you can easily engrave your initials, powerful symbols or timeless statements like "love" and "forever".