Ultraviolet is ultra-cool

We see ultraviolet this year. According to the colour institution, "Pantone" Ultraviolet is the ultimate trend colour of the year. Whether beauty, fashion or interior equipment – everything shines in radiant purple. Even when it comes to jewellery it's all about colour.

Ultraviolet clothing and jewellery are ta Must-Have of the season. They shine in varying shades of purple and add mystic elegance to every look. You can proof your fashion instinct by adding a purple chime into your favourite Engelsrufer. But that's by far not everything: Our purple coloured chime implies independence and gives you inner balance.

For those of you, who think that ultraviolet is not ultra-cool, don't fear. The colour institute "Pantone" chose more trend colours for 2018, besides ultraviolet.



Summery yellow

Whether it snows, rains or storms, yellow brings the sun into our lives and onto our outfits. Engelsrufer jewellery in glowing Gold or silver with gleaming yellow accents and shimmering gold chimes add a hint of summer to our looks. In addition, yellow increases our well-being and lets us shine from the inside and outside.



Fiery red

All eyes are on red. Fiery shades, like chilli oil or cherry tomatoes, make according to experts at "Pantone" a statement in 2018. Jewellery with red detailing, like our Engelsrufer with a red chime, become a stunning eye-catcher. Red does not only add to a seductive look, it moreover implies love, passion and strength and sparks off a real fire in us.



Feminine pink

For the ones preferring a subtler colour, choose the trend colour "Blooming Dahlia". A pink tone, which embodies timeless elegance. At the same time, pink is playfully feminine and highlights our femininity. Jewellery pieces in pink shades, like our Paradise pendant, are therefore the perfect everyday companion. They match classic business clothes, as well as lightweight, summery Street-Styles.